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Unite Against Hate

Clergy peacefully lined up facing White Supremacists carrying rifles in Charlottesville, VA August 12

Dear Friend,

What happened in Charlottesville is painful for people who care about equality and justice. We all feared the racist bullies would attack, and they did. Further, it was unsurprising that Trump doubled down on his racism.

We need to use this moment to come together, support each other, and re-up our commitment to stop white supremacy. As LGBTQ people, we have to unite against hate.  As an African-American, I am clear that this hate doesn’t just target my community. These same fascists are coming after immigrants, Muslims, Latinos, Asian Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, disabled people – anyone that’s different and everyone that lives on the margins.

Every one of us must be part of what’s next, whether by showing up at a rally, providing emotional and spiritual care, or demanding accountability from our elected officials. We have put together on our website some actions you can take be part of the solution.

We also strongly encourage you to register for our Queering Racial Justice Institute on September 23 in DC. It’s a place to learn what you need to know to fight back against the fascists and white supremacists in our midst.

Members of the Task Force family were on the ground in Charlottesville including some of you. Please email me your experiences and thoughts or tweet at us @thetaskforce.

In solidarity,

Victoria Kirby York
Deputy Director of Advocacy & Action
National LGBTQ Task Force

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